Annemarie Hoogwoud

The book Night train to Lisbon entered my life and struck me like lightning. As of page one I knew there would come a moment that I would be ready to imagine this book In any form. And that moment came at the end of 2014.

The book touched me deeply in my own search for answers to questions like who am I in essence, which choices do I make in my life, who am I with regard to security, focus and freedom. How do I handle wonder, emptiness and creativity?
Fascinating. As someone who needs image so badly to understand things, I realised that I need the search for the images that are invoked by the book, to find answers to these ever-returning questions.

As a photographer this is my way to share my quest with you. With images and words. The words demonstrate the images and the images demonstrate the words.


Annemarie Hoogwoud